Columbia chooses Leonardo’s AW139 helicopter as new presidential transport helicopter

Columbia’s new AW139 presidential helicopter ©Leonardo

The Leonardo AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopter will be the new presidential transport helicopter in the Republic of Colombia. The aircraft, in a special VVIP configuration, is expected to be delivered in spring this year and will be operated by the Colombian Air Force. 

The supply of this helicopter will make the Colombian Air Force the first military customer of the type in the country and will expand the existing AW139 fleet in Colombia. The model has already proven successful for civil transport operations supporting the oil & gas industry, with five units in service used by prime operator Helistar S.A.S.

The Presidential AW139 will feature, among others, an eight-seat configuration in the largest cabin in its category, the highest safety standards, and include a self-defense suite, typically integrated into other helicopters in the Head of State/Government transport role. 

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