Eve to lead consortium to develop Urban Air Mobility Concept of Operations with U.K.’s CAA

Eve U.K. ©Embraer

EmbraerX-graduated company Eve is to lead a consortium of aviation companies to work on a concept of operations for integrating air taxis and electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) into the U.K. airspace. The consortium will work with the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in what will be part of Eve’s Future Air Mobility Regulatory Sandbox.

The consortium will include Heathrow Airport, London City Airport, NATS, Skyports, Atech, Volocopter, and Vertical Aerospace. David Tait, Head of Innovation at the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority, said: “The Regulatory Sandbox was established to create an environment where innovation in aviation can be explored in line with the Civil Aviation Authority’s core principles of safety, security, and consumer protection. This project was selected to join the Sandbox as it will help us to develop a strategic framework for harmonizing the low-level airspace, which will support the development of urban and regional air mobility operations across the U.K.”

To begin with and working alongside local authorities, the consortium will explore how eVTOLs can transport passengers from London City Airport to Heathrow Airport, with stops in between. The introduction of eVTOLs can offer greener and faster modes of transportation for passengers and cargo, improve urban and regional connectivity, create new jobs, and spur innovation. The concept of operations will help make eVTOL operations in the U.K. possible, allowing the industry to scale and deliver environmental and economic benefits to the U.K.

“Today, flights between London City Airport and Heathrow Airport are limited, and the routes are designed specifically for helicopters. By collaborating with the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority, we aim to demonstrate to the public why regulatory support is required to build eVTOL-specific routes,” said David Rottblatt, Vice President of Business Development and leader of the Urban Air Traffic Management project for Eve.

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