Lufthansa Cargo renews airfreight center in Frankfurt

©Lufthansa Cargo Center Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo will further develop and renew the logistics center at its home hub in Frankfurt on a modular basis. The Supervisory Board of the German airfreight company has approved respective investments in a comprehensive infrastructure program for the logistics center. The complete modernization of the Lufthansa Cargo Center has already begun in January 2021 and is to be completed in 2028.

The cargo center in Frankfurt is Lufthansa Cargo’s home hub, handling around 80% of its global freight volume. The carrier’s commitment to digitalization, new product requirements and the further increasing importance of e-commerce have changed the demands on the logistics center.

In the first step of the modularly planned infrastructure program, the new construction of the central high-rack storage system in the Lufthansa Cargo Center is currently in progress. In addition to new buildings, existing building sections and warehouses are also being modernized as part of the eight-year infrastructure project. The renovation and renewal of the buildings will take place during ongoing operations.

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