S7 Technics’ volume of maintenance work increased 2.5% in 2020

©S7 Technics hangar

At the end of the 2020, S7 Technics specialists had performed 413 A-Checks and 84 C-Checks which is an increase of 2.5% compared to 2019. In 2020, the company’s technical specialists spent 2.035 million standard hours, which is 5.5% less than in 2019, due to a decrease in the number of linear forms performed due further to the limitations associated with the pandemic.

Specialists in the engine repair shop repaired and handed to customers over 21 engines, some of them repaired by specialists at the engine repair shop on the provider’s base at Mineralnye Vody.

During 2020, S7 Technics restructured its operations, focusing on the most popular services among customers: base maintenance, engineering services, and redelivery checks. These measures helped to evenly distribute the loading of hangars, since a large amount of base maintenance was performed during the summer period, when the intensity of fleet operation by airlines was reduced. Over the past year, S7 Techniques specialists completed 11 redelivery-checks.

Working in the new environment also led to an internal reallocation of engineering and technical specialists to the most relevant areas of work. The measures taken made it possible to not only avoid cuts in production staff, but also to recruit qualified specialists, while other companies reduced the number of staff to minimize costs.

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