VallJet goes for AMOS

VallJet chooses AMOS to manage its fleet of executive jets ©Swiss-AS

The French business aviation company VallJet has just signed an agreement with AMOS to manage the maintenance and airworthiness follow-up of its increasing fleet of executive jets.

Although the airline industry is heavily affected by the Covid-19 crisis, there are some aviation sectors that have been able to turn the tables and even profit from the current situation. VallJet has positioned itself to be in the right place at the right time as its business supports private owners or companies that have decided to purchase or wet-lease business jets – a sector that has seen a surge during the global pandemic since air travel with regular airlines is less convenient at this time.

AMOS is not completely new at VallJet as many employees in the maintenance and CAMO organization are already familiar with SwissAviation’s software MRO solution. In addition, part of the fleet to be phased into AMOS was previously managed in AMOS. This will simplify and accelerate the data transfer since a migration from AMOS to AMOS is facilitated using the standard AMOS transfer programs with the data available in the correct format and quality.

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