GKN Fokker Services redelivers first Alliance Airlines aircraft as part of heavy maintenance checks deal

Alliance Airlines Fokker 70 aircraft ©GKN Aerospace

Fokker Services, a GKN Aerospace company, has redelivered its first Alliance Airlines Fokker 70 aircraft as part of a five-year heavy maintenance checks agreement. The Fokker Services Asia facility now provides base checks for the Australian operator’s fleet of Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft. This new deal, effective until 2025, builds on Fokker Services Asia’s reputation as a trusted and highly skilled aircraft MRO provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fokker Services first partnered with Alliance Airlines in 2002, when the airline began operating Fokker aircraft. Over the years it has provided services and capabilities including repairs, engineering services, parts trading, and modifications such as ADS-B Out for Alliance Airlines’ Fokker aircraft. Along the way, Fokker Services’ has continuously leveraged its OEM expertise as the Type Certificate holder. This new agreement builds on the 2018 Fokker Services Asia heavy maintenance checks deal for the airline’s Fokker 50 fleet.

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