Leonardo delivers tenth “SAR Queen” to Norway

The tenth “SAR Queen” for Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security ©Leonardo

Leonardo has successfully delivered the tenth AW101 All-Weather Search and Rescue (AWSAR) helicopter to the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The remaining six aircraft out of 16 are currently being assembled, integrated, and tested at Leonardo’s site in Yeovil, U.K. The 330 squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, which operates the platform, has completed more than 200 flight hours, largely on SAR operations, which have included several life-saving missions in the inhospitable Norwegian environment, such as a night mountain rescue, an offshore rescue, as well as a challenging emergency transportation. Beyond to the go-live of Sola in September 2020, further bases in Ørland and Banak are expected to become operational this year.

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