GDC Technics countersues Boeing over Air Force One contracts

Texas-based GDC Technics (GDC), a subcontractor working on the two new Air Force One Boeing jets, is countersuing Boeing Co for a minimum of US$20 million after the American planemaker canceled GDC’s contracts. In a suit filed on April 7, Boeing claimed that GDC had failed to complete work on the interiors of the two modified 747-8 Air Force One jets and that it was “roughly one year behind schedule in meeting its contractual obligations.” According to REUTERS News Agency, GDC has countersued on the grounds that “Boeing’s mismanagement of the completion of two Air Force One presidential aircraft, not delays caused by GDC, has caused a delay in the completion of those aircraft.”

Rather than build two new aircraft from scratch, Boeing chose to use two existing ones that had been ordered by a now bankrupt Russian airline for the new Air Force One aircraft and GDC has claimed that: “Because of its problems with engineering, program management, and its own financial difficulties, Boeing has fallen behind in the project schedule for the aircraft. Boeing looked to GDC as a scapegoat to excuse its lack of performance on the aircraft to the United States Air Force,” adding that Boeing’s “false” statements have damaged its reputation with the Air Force “and the aviation industry worldwide.”

Boeing’s initial suit says GDC’s delays “have resulted in millions of dollars in damages to Boeing and threaten to jeopardize work that is of critical importance.” The US$3.9 billion contract to build two 747-8 aircraft for use as Air Force One was awarded to Boeing in July 2018 and the two planes are due to be delivered by December 2024. On April 8, a Boeing spokesperson confirmed that it still aimed to meet that delivery schedule.

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