Hi Fly first airline to test new wingtip TRINITAIR on A330 aircraft


Hi Fly Airline, The Mirpuri Foundation, and The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH are pushing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of in-service aircraft forward by introducing the new multi-fingered plug and fly retrofit wingtip solution TRINITAIR.

The new TRINITAIR wingtip is capable of reducing fuel consumption by up to 2% and on particular applications beyond that. In aviation, each kg of fuel saved on a flight reduces CO2 emissions by 3.16 kg, so this retrofitted wingtip will not only be of financial benefit to airlines, but it will also enable them to strongly reduce their environmental footprint.

This pioneering initiative to create sustainable innovation, that will forever revolutionize the aviation industry, is now on its final phase. The new climate-saving and greenhouse-gas-emission-reducing TRINITAIR will have its maiden test-flight on a Hi Fly A330. Hi Fly will be the first airline to operate with this new technology, supporting the transformation to a greener environment.

“In an industry that is increasingly more concerned with a sustainable planet, and which is looking to have a positive impact with its day-to-day operations, investing in environmentally friendly technology is the right way to a better world”, says Paulo Mirpuri, President of Hi Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation.

TRINITAIR was designed by The Aircraft Performance Company GmbH (The APC) as a cost-effective retrofit solution for valuable in-service aircraft. Along with a downtime of less than one day for installation, the new hardware brings performance enhancement, lower engine wear, range extension, and payload increase as well as a significant reduction of fuel burn that leads to lower emissions of CO2 and NOX.

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