Honeywell to provide cockpit technologies for 7-seater Lilium Jet

©Lilium's 7-Seater Jet

Honeywell has been selected by Lilium to develop the 7-seater Lilium Jet’s avionics and flight control systems. The compact fly-by-wire system will act as the flight control system on the all-electric 7-seater Lilium Jet, responsible for controlling its moveable parts, including the 36 control surfaces and ducted fans that provide its high level of maneuverability in every stage of flight.

Honeywell, one of the first major aerospace manufacturers to create a dedicated urban air mobility business unit, has designed a flight control system that draws on its decades of experience providing such systems for commercial airliners. This system, which has been tailored for the Lilium Jet’s unique design, will play a crucial role in ensuring smooth, comfortable, and emission-free air travel for passengers.

Alongside the flight control system, Honeywell is delivering the next-generation integrated avionics system, which will provide a simplified user interface for the pilot to fly the Lilium Jet. The selection of Honeywell’s next-generation UAM avionics system is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Lilium and Honeywell to converge on the specific technical requirements suitable for the Lilium Jet. The avionics system is designed to reduce training time and will support operation by a single pilot, freeing up greater passenger capacity.

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