TOPCAST and ECT sign distribution agreement for delivering augmented engine wash technologies

Topcast Aviation Supplies (TOPCAST) and Engine Cleaning Technology (ECT) have signed a distribution agreement in May 2021, delivering biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable compressor cleaner for aviation jet engines. 

Aircraft engines are the most complicated part that powers an aircraft to fly. To endure the best performance of aircraft operations, washing the jet engine with utmost care on a regular basis offers better fuel efficiency, extends lifecycle and secure aviation safety. ECT R-MC’s patented formula is eco-friendly, easy to rinse chemicals that meet the stringent needs for MIL85704 and all OEM specifications.

The revolutionary technology for washing engines entails a quick and easy procedure by injecting R-MC jet engine cleaner into the running engine. The environmentally online engine cleaning formula cleans by removing layers of contaminant deposits.

ECT has developed cleaners (R-MC and PowerBack), injection equipment, and patented power augmentation systems for industrial gas turbines, and various other centrifugal and axial flow rotating equipment.

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