Beacon continues expansion with MRT

Beacon, a maintenance platform from EmbraerX, has signed an agreement with The Mobile Repair Team (MRT), an executive and commercial structural repair team with bases in Europe and North America. The partnership is focused on onboarding MRT’s maintenance teams into Beacon’s multi-sided platform to improve coordination among stakeholders, including its mobile teams and operators.

By joining Beacon, MRT will gain efficiency throughout its repair process and respond faster to maintenance requests from operators. MRT offers worldwide structural repair support for fleets of aircraft. Striving to provide superior customer service while helping its customers reduce significant costs, MRT is joining Beacon’s platform to empower its mobile teams to achieve a faster return to service as it continues to grow its customer base across the globe.

MRT’s strategy is to run all maintenance cases through Beacon, replacing the use of informal communication channels with one single, compliance-ready channel, thus facilitating an agile flow of information and an easier handoff during shift turnovers. Moreover, MRT will significantly reduce the time spent coordinating with technicians and other stakeholders during maintenance cases by focusing mostly on high-frequency events, which represent about 70% of the total number of interruptions.

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