MRO Insider adds 76 locations to network in June

MRO Insider has announced that it has added 76 locations to the network in the month of June. There are now 235 locations available on the platform that provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, aircraft cleaning and detailing, parts procurement or overhaul, and ground service equipment rental.

Andy Nixon, Co-founder of MRO Insider stated, “We are beyond excited that our network location count has grown 46% in the last 30 days. By providing one space for operators to obtain quotes for such a variety of service needs from such a large number of providers, we increase the value our platform provides to both our operators and our service providers. As always, we couldn’t do it without the support of our users!”

Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems accounted for 29 of the 41 mobile service maintenance technicians
the network added in the United States in June. Brent Wiggins, AOG Manager at Stevens Aerospace and
Defense Systems stated, “After using the MRO Insider app from the operator side, I knew when I returned to
the Stevens’ AOG team that we would benefit from joining the network as a service provider. As an aircraft
operator, time is of the essence, and you need to get someone out to the plane as soon as possible. The
MRO Insider app provides operators a quote and an ETA within minutes. At Stevens, we strive to provide
superior customer service, and felt that joining the MRO Insider network was a great way to prove we are
responsive to our customers’ needs.”

In addition to mobile service teams to assist AOG aircraft, in June the network also added 29 aircraft cleaning
and detailing locations supported by Prime Appearance, for a total of 52 aircraft cleaning locations. This
allows operators to receive aircraft cleaning and detailing quotes within the MRO Insider app, saving hours of
scheduling time that would normally be spent on the phone getting quotes from various providers. Using the
app, operators can schedule aircraft turnover between charter trips, or to take care of unplanned cleanliness
or cosmetic issues identified in flight.

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