Airbus and Delta TechOps welcome GE Digital into aviation Digital Alliance

The aviation Digital Alliance, the partnership initiated by Airbus and Delta TechOps in 2019, is expanding to include GE Digital. The vision for the expanded Digital Alliance is to further develop real solutions that curb operational disruptions, drive progress in unplanned maintenance events and ultimately benefit global commercial operators’ bottom-line financial performance.

Under the umbrella of the alliance these industry leaders will combine their respective know-how of aircraft systems, airline and maintenance operations, digital analytics, as well as operational data and front-end user applications. In particular, GE’s entrance into the alliance will connect its extensive aerospace systems engineering expertise and best-in-class predictive analytics to Airbus’ Skywise suite of proven digital solutions and Delta’s operational and maintenance excellence and related predictive models.

The resulting cross-fleet portfolio of integrated services offered by the alliance will deliver cost savings, network efficiencies and increased fleet availability to around 140 customers worldwide which are already engaged with Skywise Core. With GE Digital’s added analytics capabilities and systems portfolio covering a variety of aircraft, airlines will further benefit from cross-fleet health monitoring and diagnostics, reliability analysis and predictive maintenance analytics enabling airlines to avoid operational disruptions and accelerate maintenance decisions by quickly predicting potential in-service issues across their entire aircraft fleets.

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