TCI completes design, manufacture, and assembly of cabin service training simulator project for Turkish Airlines

Cabin simulator Turkish Airlines ©TCI

Pre-employment and on-the-job training of flight attendants provided by Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center are carried out in the classes where the cabin interior of an aircraft is simulated. The training modules were manufactured based on aircraft types of Turkish Airlines’ fleet and designed to serve the flight attendants of other airlines as well. TCI manufactured four realistic and simulated models of Airbus A320 and A330, and Boeing 737 and 777 aircraft to be used in its Flight Training Center.

Thanks to these modules designed to serve more than ten thousand personnel in rotation, the goal is to provide a realistic aircraft cabin interior experience through hands-on service training. The quality of the training is enhanced by means of certain aircraft type details, handsets, auditory and visual warnings, cabin noise, announcements, and IFE simulations.

The project started in 2018 with the design, manufacture, and assembly of the components by TCI and delivered to Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center by 2020.

TCI was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between three big aviation companies : Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic and Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc., to realize Vision 2023 for Turkey’s aviation industry. TCI is an important part of a national aircraft project and the goal behind the TCI’s foundation has been the local manufacture of all cabin interior products for domestic and international aircraft in Turkey.

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