GE’s H-Series to power new LMS-901 utility aircraft

Following the first-time display at MAKS Air Show in Moscow and looking at the second engine delivery in support of the certification program, the Russian aircraft manufacturer Baikal-Engineering has chosen GE Aviation’s H80 engine with Electronic Engine and Propeller Control (EEPC) to power its brand-new single-engine multi-purpose utility aircraft.

The H80 turboprop engine, built and developed by GE Aviation at its turboprop business headquarters in the Czech Republic, has been selected because of its robust design requiring minimal maintenance and demonstrating outstanding reliability. The LMS-901 is a nine-seater airplane conceived for civil uses, including passenger transfer, cargo, and skydiving.

The LMS-901 aircraft’s range can reach 3000 km and 1500 km with 2000 kg payload, bearing a 4800 kg max take-off weight, while its average cruise speed is 300 km/h. The aircraft entry into service is expected in 2023. The new project was announced at the end of 2019, and in 2021, the first test vehicles were displayed at MAKS Air Show and coupled with the H80 engine. The LMS-901 first flight is scheduled for this year end, and Baikal plans to build at least 150 units between now and 2030, while the market capacity by 2030 could reach 300 units.

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