International cargo operator upgrades B767 flight decks with Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 series LCD displays

A major international cargo operator has selected Thomas Global’s TFD-7076 LCD displays from the TFD-7000 series to replace the legacy Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Engine Indicating & Crew Alerting System (EICAS) displays remaining in the operator’s Boeing 767 flight decks, which had previously been retrofitted by Innovative Solutions & Support Inc. (IS&S).

The TFD-7000 Series is a drop-in replacement for all legacy CRT displays in Boeing 767, 757 and 737 flight decks. It also provides a standalone LCD solution for the CRT-based EICAS displays remaining in B757/767s installed with the IS&S flat-panel retrofit.

The TFD-7000 Series captures all the benefits of LCD technology, delivers dramatic operating efficiency and life-cycle cost improvements, and a growth platform for emerging airspace requirements. The drop-in design avoids major flight deck modifications, significantly reducing associated aircraft downtime and crew retraining costs.

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