Embraer’s electric demonstrator aircraft begins flight test campaign

©Embraer has started the flight test campaign of the electric demonstrator aircraft

On the journey to a net zero-carbon emissions future, another Embraer initiative has reached a new stage with the beginning of the flight test campaign of its electric demonstrator aircraft. Developed to evaluate new technologies and solutions that enable 100% electric and more sustainable aeronautical propulsion, the demonstrator is subjected to tests at Embraer’s facility in Gavião Peixoto, in São Paulo, Brazil.

This is another promising step in the successful scientific and technological cooperation that has brought together Embraer and two renowned providers of electric mobility solutions, WEG and EDP. The open innovation strategy has accelerated the development of the needed technologies to increase the future aircraft´s energy efficiency through the use and integration of electrical devices into an innovative propulsion system.

Power, performance, control, thermal management, and operation safety were the primary features evaluated in these manned first flights. The goal is to demonstrate real flight conditions through results obtained from computational simulations, lab tests, and ground integration of technology, which have taken place since the second half of 2019.

The knowledge acquired on the electric demonstrator aircraft tests will allow Embraer to develop innovative new products in line with the company’s continuous search for a sustainable future. This is the case of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, also known as EVA (electric vertical aircraft), developed by Eve, Embraer’s Urban Air Mobility company.

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