IAI appoints Yehuda Lahav as Executive VP of Marketing

Yehuda Lahav

IAI has appointed Yehuda Lahav as Executive VP of Marketing. Lahav’s appointment, followed a series of other appointments announced by IAI in recent weeks, including Guy Bar Lev for Executive VP and General Manager of Systems Missiles and Space Group, Shmuel Kuzi as Executive VP and General Manager of the Aviation Group, Eitan Eshel as Executive VP Chief Technology Officer, Moni Katz as Executive VP of Strategy and Israel, and Amir Geva as Executive VP for Coordination with North America.

Lahav, possesses extensive and diverse business experience, understands the company and its ecosystem well. In this position, Lahav will lead IAI’s sales and marketing efforts across over 100 countries where the company is active. He will strengthen the company’s activities in existing markets and expand its activities to new ones, while leading business and marketing efforts at the company’s headquarters and across the different divisions.

Prior to serving in his current position as Chief Business Officer at NSO, Lahav was the Director of the Rakia division at IAI’s Military Aircraft Group at and a Director of Marketing in the company. Lahav, a former IDF combat navigator and Colonel in reserves finished his military career after serving as the Commander of the Ovda Airbase and as IDF’s military attaché in Paris.

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