Airbus extra-performing wing contributes to decarbonization roadmap

CESSNA Citation VII with artist rendering of extra-performing wings ©Airbus

Airbus has launched a new project for an extra-performing wing demonstrator which will focus on accelerating and validating technologies in order to improve the wing performance of any aircraft produced in the future.

According to Airbus, “This scaled demonstrator will integrate and fly breakthrough wing technologies on a Cessna Citation VII business jet platform in representative flight conditions.” The intention is for the new extra-performing wing to be compatible with any aircraft configuration and propulsion solution and will help to reduce CO2 emissions. Airbus describes the concept behind the extra-performing wing as a solution similar to how an eagle adjusts its wings and feathers when soaring and this demonstrator will be geared towards flight efficiency.

Various technology bricks will be investigated to enable the active control of the wing, including: gust sensors, pop-up spoilers or plates that are rapidly deflected perpendicular to airflow, multifunctional trailing edges that dynamically change wing surface in flight and a semi-aeroelastic hinge. “Airbus’ extra-performing wing demonstrator is another example of Airbus’ novel technology-oriented solutions to decarbonize the aviation sector,” says Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer.

“Airbus is continuously investigating parallel and complementary solutions such as infrastructure, flight operations and aircraft structure. With this demonstrator, we will make significant strides in active control technology through research and applied testing of various technologies inspired by biomimicry.” The demonstrator is hosted within Airbus UpNext, a wholly owned Airbus subsidiary.

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