Volotea, Air Nostrum, and Dante Aeronautical unveil plans for first 100% electric aircraft


The 100% electric aircraft project led by Volotea, Air Nostrum, and Dante Aeronautical will mean an important step towards a future with emission-free aviation. This aircraft will play a crucial role in establishing zero-emission regional air transport, enabling connections to be made between small population centers, thanks to its reduced operating costs compared to much larger aircraft. The consortium expects this initial prototype to be certified for flight in three years’ time, representing a major milestone for the aviation industry.

The collaboration involves the two major aircraft operators, Dante Aeronautical, artificial intelligence companies such as DataBeaco, engineering and technology innovation companies in the aviation sector including the Spanish multinational CT, as well as public research organizations such as CIDAUT (the Foundation for Transport and Energy Research and Development – Fundación para la Investigación y Desarrollo en Transporte y Energía) and CIDETEC (The Specialized Energy-Storage Research Center – Centro de Investigación Especializado en el Almacenamiento de Energía). The project is a clear example of commitment to technological innovation and sustainability.

“We started our collaboration with Dante Aeronautical back in 2019 and are very proud to see how the project has grown and gained momentum with the support of new partners, including several Spanish technology companies. The development of an electric aircraft using hydrogen battery technology will reduce carbon emissions. It makes complete sense for Volotea to support this project since it’s completely in line with our goal of connecting underserviced cities and doing so in ways that are more sustainable,” stated Carlos Muñoz, Volotea’s founder and CEO.

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