Travelport renews agreement with LATAM Airlines Group

LATAM Airlines ©Travelport / Wolfe Air Aviation

Travelport has renewed its commercial agreement with LATAM Airlines Group to ensure that Travelport-connected agencies have simplified access to full content from the airline group. LATAM has also committed to working with Travelport in advancing its New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiatives.

“We are pleased to have expanded our decades-long partnership with Travelport and look forward to providing agencies around the world with simplified access to our full range of content, including NDC content, and detailed product information, through the Travelport+ platform. We are confident that this agreement will enable agencies connected to Travelport to generate more value for their travel customers when booking our flight offerings, fares and ancillary services,” said Andreas Schek, Vice President of Sales at LATAM Airlines Group.

As part of the agreement, Travelport-connected agencies will continue to benefit from a seamless experience when shopping and booking LATAM Airlines fares. The airline group has expanded its use of Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding tool to ensure that its products are promoted effectively anywhere in the world.

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