Leonardo launches Agusta brand

Dubai Expo 2020, Leonardo 3 AW609 ©Leonardo

Leonardo has announced the launch of a new initiative to reinforce its position in the world’s VIP/corporate helicopter market, as it pioneers new advanced and sustainable air mobility solutions in the vertical flight domain. On October 2, Agusta became the brand that embodies the company’s distinctive design, technology, and service philosophy and values in the executive transport rotorcraft sphere. 

Leveraging the heritage of an iconic name embedded in the helicopter industry community, and a symbol of commitment to stay at the forefront of innovation, Agusta is a unique combination of best-in-class performance, comfort, and refined Italian style. Leonardo is committed to providing operators now and into the future unmatched tailor-made solutions. New solutions will entail all new dedicated operational and customer services and information, aircraft interior and layout configurations, and bespoke possibilities in the VIP transport sector. 

The announcement took place at the grand opening of the new rotorcraft terminal by Leonardo and Falcon Aviation Services in Dubai, purposely designated Casa Agusta. The terminal will facilitate the mobility to and from the Expo 2020 site in Dubai. An AW609 TiltRotor and an AW609 full-scale VIP/corporate cabin mock-up will be on static display close to Casa Agusta for a limited period. The first appearance of the AW609 TiltRotor in the Middle East with its official presentation in Dubai marks the global commercial launch of the revolutionary multirole aircraft as it gets closer to its civil certification.

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