Stratos invests in Universal Hydrogen

Stratos (Monaco) has announced its investment in Universal Hydrogen Co., the company leading the fight to decarbonize aviation through the adoption of hydrogen as a universal fuel. The investment is part of a funding round recently closed by Universal Hydrogen and was made via Stratos BeYoke Hydrogen fund I, along with a Japan-based financial partner.

Gary Fitzgerald, CEO of Stratos said “Decarbonization is an enormous challenge for our industry, not least because of the high energy needed to rapidly transport many people over long distances. With our growing team of technical and ESG specialists we have sifted through several developments – including electric/battery, hybrid, sustainable fuels – and have decided that hydrogen is one of the cleanest and most promising ways forward to help our industry meet climate targets. With their hugely experienced team, we are delighted to be investors in Universal Hydrogen and intend to build on our partnership by bringing innovative equipment financing solutions to help turn the dream of zero carbon flight into reality.”

Stratos is an aircraft investment specialist and asset manager with a substantial portfolio of leased aircraft, providing acquisition, re-marketing, advisory, and capital raising services to airlines, lenders and investors in large commercial aircraft. With a team of 25 people, Stratos manages a fleet of 43 large commercial jet aircraft. 

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