EmbraerX signs services agreement with Republic Airways for use of Beacon

Republic's own- and codeshare livery ©Embraer

EmbraerX has signed a multi-year agreement with Republic Airways for the use of Beacon’s maintenance coordination platform, which will support the airline’s digital transformation. Beacon will support all maintenance operations and accelerate an aircraft’s return-to-service time by integrating the platform into Republic’s stations and will include each of its on-call maintenance providers. Republic Airways is currently one of the largest regional commercial operators in the U.S. with a fleet of 223 aircraft, operating regional flights for the three largest U.S. carriers.

Over the first six months of 2021, Republic saw an average delay decrease as it adopted Beacon at its base stations. As traveling takes off and Republic’s flight volume increases, its overall out-of-service delay time has held steady, making a case for Beacon’s technology in managing interruptions and accelerating return-to-service time.

The relationship with Republic started in January 2020, when the company partnered with Beacon as its launch customer for the commercial aviation segment in the U.S. By implementing Beacon, Republic and its whole suite of maintenance service partners gained a competitive advantage thanks to the platform’s efficiencies in resolving maintenance cases. As an early adopter of Beacon, Republic has been validating and testing Beacon’s product features with its users in the large regional independent operators’ segment.

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