Aero HygenX partners with Ethiopian Airlines for deployment of autonomous UV-C disinfecting solution

Ethiopian Airlines ©AirTeamImages

In a virtual signing ceremony, executives from Ethiopian Airlines Group and Aero HygenX, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining a plan for fleetwide deployment and regional marketing of Aero HygenX’s autonomous UV-C light disinfecting robot, RAY. The signing of this MOU marks a first foray into the African market for Aero HygenX, a Canadian technology company with its safe, efficient, and chemical free solution designed for aircraft cabins and rail cars. 

It is the intent of the two parties to establish local final assembly capabilities for Aero HygenX’s autonomous UV-C disinfecting robot “RAY”, thus creating local employment opportunities and expediting rollout of the chemical-free, pathogen-killing solution for Ethiopian Airlines. The MoU further sets out to foster exchange of expertise and ideas between Aero HygenX and the Ethiopian Airlines Innovation Hub, which leads all innovation activities across Ethiopian Airlines. The purpose of the Innovation Hub collaboration is to further optimize the product and determine where else in the re-travel chain, and indeed the wider region, Aero HygenX’s leading disinfection technology can be useful.

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