Defense Logistics Agency to partner with Boeing for another ten-year supply chain support

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Boeing have agreed to a follow-on contract for future sustainment support of military services across multiple Boeing platforms, enabling Boeing and DLA to continue support through the extension of existing programmes up to a ceiling value of US$15 billion over 10 years. Boeing will continue to provide an inventory of parts and logistics support and services to maintain nearly every Boeing military platform, including the KC-46 Tanker, AH-64 Apache, F-15, and F/A-18.

This is the second contract under the Boeing Captains of Industry (BCOI) programme, which was stood up in support of DLA’s initiative to create a more efficient defene supply chain. Rather than having thousands of contracts for individual parts, Boeing and DLA collaborate to forecast the need for common parts and components across platforms, which are then pooled under a single contract. 

Boeing has a large and diverse global supply chain network supporting both proprietary parts and common consumables for a wide variety of Boeing and non-Boeing platforms and products. Boeing is also utilising its digital capabilities to provide enhanced supply chain solutions. Additionally, Boeing leverages its global distribution business to expand its offerings across commercial and government markets, which requires experience with Federal Aviation Agency rules and procedures – particularly for commercial derivative aircraft like the KC-46.

Since the first BCOI contract was awarded in 2014, the US Government has awarded Boeing more than US$6 billion in supply chain support contracts. 

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