Eve and Senna Brand create Eve-Senna eVTOL

©Eve-Senna eVTOL

Eve Air Mobility and Senna brand have announced a collaboration to develop the eVTOL Eve-Senna. The project symbolises a vision of a sustainable future and innovation in the urban mobility market. The partnership also aims to contribute to the evolution of the future of mobility in Brazil and worldwide. The agreement comes as Eve, an organisation created by Embraer to boost the global Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem, celebrates its first year of operation.

The Eve-Senna eVTOL design is inspired by SENNA brand’ vision of challenging boundaries and creating products with passion and purpose in an authentic and futuristic manner. The aircraft’s design, colors and interior promise to deliver a unique experience for its crew members and passengers.

Ayrton Senna himself created Senna Brand in 1992. It arose from the racing driver’s will to connect with people who shared his values through quality products and innovation. Today it is a global brand whose positioning inspires people to challenge their limits in pursuit of being their best, just as Ayrton Senna did in his life.

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