Mentis Aviation Group and KP Aviation team-up for aircraft, engine and parts sourcing and distribution

Mentis Aviation Group (MAG) has entered into an agreement with KP Aviation (KPA), a Mesa, Arizona-based aviation company, to partner in parts distribution around China for KP Aviation and sourcing of aircraft and engines to process through MAG’s tear down and recycling facility in Hefei City, China. The partnership with KP Aviation also provides additional leverage and support to MAG, once aircraft assets are successfully harvested in the recycling phase, to sell and distribute parts to key customer relationships worldwide.

The two parties are currently working to secure the first asset for tear down in Hefei and plan to steadily grow the cooperation. According to the agreement, the two sides will work together to offer aftermarket aircraft parts and engine material from the dismantling process occurring in Hefei, along with offering parts solutions for aircraft operators within the greater China.

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