Southwest Airlines commits US$10 million to Yale University to support climate change initiatives

©Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines (Southwest) has announced a US$10 million (£7.5 million) commitment to Yale University’s Centre for Natural Carbon Capture (YCNCC) to research technological advancements and find new solutions to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. The pledge will also support research and educational efforts at the Yale School of the Environment to explore the current state of sustainability, strategy, policy and economics, emphasising trends related to the aviation industry and focusing on finding new ways to reduce atmospheric carbon.

“This innovative partnership gives Southwest the opportunity to support the development of crucial science to combat climate change, including fostering innovative research aimed at informing and advancing efforts to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations,” said Stacy Malphurs, Vice President of Supply Chain Management & Environmental Sustainability for Southwest Airlines. “We recognise the importance of supporting initiatives that take a holistic approach to de-carbonisation in the long-term, which aligns with the US government’s goal for the aviation industry to be carbon neutral by 2050.”

Established in March 2021 with initial funding from FedEx Corporation and taking inspiration from natural processes, YCNCC is focused on strategies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely storing it within plants, soils, rocks and oceans. It also aims to develop methods for industrial carbon capture to convert carbon dioxide into useful fuels, plastics and building materials.

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