MENA Cargo Airlines awards ULD supply and management to Unilode

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MENA Cargo Airlines, a dedicated full-service cargo airline of Bahrain-based MENA Aerospace Enterprises, has signed a five-year unit load device (ULD) supply, management and repair agreement with Unilode Aviation Solutions, a market leader in outsourced ULD management and repair services. MENA Cargo is in the midst of securing a fleet of dedicated and converted freighters as part of its expansion plans.

Under the new agreement, Unilode will supply digital containers and pallets from its shared ULD pool to MENA Cargo’s scheduled cargo flights and ad-hoc charters and provide repairs at the airline’s hub and other destinations.

Peter Hewett, General Manager and Director Ground Operations, MENA Cargo Airlines, said: “Our decision to partner with Unilode for the supply and management of ULDs for our start-up airline matches MENA Cargo’s business strategy, which is based on the principles of efficiency, flexibility and agility. As our ULD needs can greatly fluctuate depending on our cargo and charter requests, we were looking for a flexible and costeffective solution that we found in Unilode’s ULD management service. Having access to Unilode’s ULD pool and global repair network gives us peace of mind about container and pallet availability and allows us to concentrate on our cargo business. We are confident that Unilode’s ULD solutions will contribute to the success and growth of our airline.”

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