LCI acquires Nova Capital Aviation (Ireland)

Aviation leasing company LCI, has announced an agreement to acquire Nova Capital Aviation (Ireland), a division of the Nova Capital Group.

Nova Capital Aviation (Ireland) represents the twin-engine rotary and fixed-wing aircraft lease division of the Nova Capital Group, with single-engine operations remaining within the Group.

The acquisition will result in a substantial expansion of LCI’s leasing platform to over 140 twin-engine rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. It will also take the proportion of aircraft deployed on emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), offshore wind and utility missions, to over 80% of the entire leasing platform. 

Last year, Nova Capital further expanded its fleet with the addition of eight factory-new twin-engine EMS helicopters valued at over US$90 million (£67.7 million), reaching US$500 million (£376 million) total fleet value at 2021 year-end. Nova Capital will now focus on the development of its single-engine helicopter, light utility fixed-wing aircraft and other advanced air mobility operations, in partnership with LCI.

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