MTU supports Pratt & Whitney’s GTF Advantage engine

©MTU will support the Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage engine

Pratt & Whitney is introducing the GTF Advantage engine configuration, unveiling a technologically improved geared turbofan engine for the A320neo family. The American engine maker announced that work was in progress. Key optimisations are being supplied by MTU Aero Engines. The new configuration should be available starting in January 2024.

The GTF Advantage configuration will reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by another one percent each. This will improve the overall picture by 17% compared to prior-generation engines. The move will further extend GTF engine’s lead as the most efficient powerplant for the A320neo family. With up to 34,000 pounds of take-off thrust both at sea level and under “hot and high” conditions, the GTF Advantage configuration will also be the most-powerful engine for this aircraft family. The higher thrust rating enables increased-range and payload for operators. The new configuration has been undergoing ground and flight testing at Pratt & Whitney for a year now. The GTF Advantage engine is to become the new production standard for the A320neo family of aircraft.

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