Strategic Global Aviation ramps up operations with Pentagon 2000SQL

Strategic Global Aviation has implemented Pentagon 2000SQL™ to support technical and business operations at its facility in Rome, NY. The company delivers specialised aircraft maintenance and inspection services as well as a wide range of additional services.

According to Kirk Baugher, Executive Vice President at Pentagon 2000 Software, “The team at SGA are seasoned industry veterans and have been able to quickly deploy the facilities, staffing and systems to deliver market leading MRO and technical services. In addition to specialised Military C-130 MRO services, the company offers Aircraft Management, Aviation Consulting, Repair Station Manual authoring along with a range of other services”.

In November 2021 Pentagon 2000 Software announced a major new version of its flagship software system. Version 2021.01 has been released with a set of new functionality, performance, and reliability features.

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