Rolls-Royce and easyJet to jointly explore future sustainability options

Rolls-Royce and easyJet have confirmed that they will be jointly researching into sustainability solutions for commercial aircraft. Starting in January 2022, the project will run for a period of two years in which the two companies will explore alternative energy and power solutions which will include low-carbon and zero-emission technologies together with their application for aircraft. Elements of fuel production, transportation, storage and handling will also be looked into.

The two principal power systems being explored are hydrogen based and electrical. Commenting on the joint venture, David Morgan, Director of Flight Operations, easyJet, said: “easyJet remains absolutely committed to sustainable flying and a zero-emissions future. We know that technology is a key driver to achieve our decarbonisation targets. Disruptive technologies such as electric and hydrogen propulsion show great potential for short-haul airlines like easyJet and we look forward to collaborating with Rolls-Royce to support bringing this technology to maturity as early as possible.”

Jason Ash, Head of Product Development – Large Engines, Rolls-Royce, said: “We know that Sustainable Aviation Fuels already provide a drop-in solution, and so will have the most powerful impact on decarbonising aviation and achieving Net Zero by 2050. But we also want to better understand other forms of propulsion, energy and power and their potential benefits along with the challenges in operation. We look forward to working closely with easyJet to increase our understanding in these areas.”

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