Delta anticipates weather-related flight cancellations despite changes to 5G roll-out

©Delta Air Lines

Delta is planning for the possibility of weather-related cancellations caused by the deployment of new 5G-service in the vicinity of dozens of US airports, starting as early as January 19. The FAA, which regulates airlines, has issued numerous notices that restrict flight activity near airports where this new deployment of 5G-service in the C-band spectrum could cause limited interference with altitude instruments on aircraft under various weather conditions that aircraft safely operate in today. As such, Delta is taking the necessary steps to ensure safety remains the priority in compliance with FAA guidelines.

Telecom companies agreed Tuesday to limit the scope of today’s planned 5G deployment and will delay implementation around certain US airports. While this is a positive development toward preventing widespread disruptions to flight operations, some flight restrictions may remain.

“We appreciate the decision to limit the rollout of this service near airports,” EVP and Chief of Operations John Laughter said. “We believe industries can grow, innovate and co-exist for the benefit of consumers. That’s why we’re continuing to work with the FAA, the FCC and the telecom industry to find a practical solution that will allow for the roll-out of 5G technology while preserving safety and avoiding flight disruptions.”

Delta is committed to proactively communicating with customers whenever possible about a cancellation or delay due to low visibility weather conditions that impact a 5G-affected airport.

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