MTU Maintenance starts using sustainable aviation fuels in its test cell with launch customer JetBlue Airways

Tests have started on data-gathering on sustainable aviation fuels with JetBlue's V2500 engine ©MTU

MTU Maintenance has partnered with JetBlue Airways for the testing and data-gathering on sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) with the airline’s V2500 engines following on from shop visits in Hannover, Germany. Conducted in a controlled ground environment, test runs will initially be performed with a 10% SAF fuel blend and can be expanded to up to 50%, the current regulatory limit, if required. This SAF is sustainably derived from waste fats, oils and greases and has up to an 80% lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reduction per gallon wehen compared to the conventional jet fuel it replaces.

“We are delighted to be MTU Maintenance’s launch customer in this pioneering and sustainable initiative,” says Sara Bogdan, JetBlue Director of Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance. “Our goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 and implementing sustainable initiatives along the supply chain and gathering the necessary data to ensure these initiatives are safe, practical and meaningful, is a key part of this work.” JetBlue currently has an exclusive thirteen-year contract with MTU Maintenance for its V2500 pre-select fleet.

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