Alaska Airlines unveils major investment to expand and remodel popular lounges in Seattle and Portland

Seattle D Lounge expansion conceptual rendering, finished product subject to change ©Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has targeted a significant, multi-million-dollar renovation and expansion of its most popular lounges with plans for all-new locations at both Seattle and Portland airports in the coming years. The revitalization of two current lounges – scheduled to get underway this spring – will eventually pave the way for completely new spaces in 2025-26. The investment continues the dramatic improvements Alaska made in its lounges, which includes the opening of its 15,000-ft² flagship lounge at N Concourse in Seattle in 2019 and its new location at Terminal 2 in San Francisco last summer.

Alaska will invest nearly US$7 million for lounge upgrades in Seattle for 2022-23 and nearly US$1.5 million for lounge upgrades in Portland for 2022. . (£1.00 = US$1.36 at time of publication).

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