Pratt & Whitney Canada expands spare engine solution portfolio with new options for engine leasing and ownership

©P&WC will add new lease-to-own option to its growing portfolio of spare engine solutions

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has added a new lease-to-own option to its growing portfolio of spare engine solutions. The portfolio, launched in 2020, also includes flexible options such as long-term leasing and on-wing leasing, complementing the existing short-term rentals offering to customers who are looking to prioritise their spending, reduce costs, better plan their monthly expenses and extend aircraft life. With the lease-to-own option, customers can lease a new or used P&WC engine and own it by the end of the lease term.

Other options in the spare engine solutions portfolio include long-term leasing – this equips the customer with a latest-configuration spare engine for 12 months or more at a competitive price, and on-wing leasing where P&WC leases an engine that will remain on-wing. In some cases, P&WC will purchase the customer’s existing engine and lease one back to them, giving them access to capital and lowering their operating expenses, while extending the life of their mature aircraft, and short-term engine rental – available to customers while their engine is in the shop for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

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