Middle River Aerostructure Systems provides “immersive” jet engine nacelle experience at the Singapore Airshow

The MRAS nacelle is a prominent feature of ST Engineering’s Singapore Airshow exhibit ©MRAS

Middle River Aerostructure Systems’ (MRAS) expertise in developing and producing complex engine nacelles for jet-powered airliners and business jets took centre stage at the Singapore Airshow last week with the unique experience of literally stepping into a full-scale nacelle on the exhibit stand of parent company ST Engineering.

In a first display of its type, the Airshow attendees experienced an immersive encounter that highlights the main elements of a nacelle – the external protection for a jet engine, which also contributes to its operating efficiency, along with reducing fuel consumption and lowering emissions and noise.

The display represents a full-sized nacelle for a typical single-aisle jetliner in the 150-200-seat category, and highlights many of the design features and production techniques applied by MRAS. It begins with the air inlet, which is highly refined aerodynamically to reduce fuel burned, incorporating such features as a single-piece inlet lip skin, a single-piece composite inner acoustic barrel and low-weight composite outer barrel.

“Being able to walk inside a full-scale nacelle provides a true experience of the size and inter-relationship of all elements that come together in this complex component on jet-powered aircraft,” explained Terry Vernes, the Director of Process Engineering and Composite Operations at MRAS.

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