Jazeera Airways returns to profitability in record time in 2021

Jazeera Airways has returned to profitability for the year 2021 (January – December), a period which continued to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on travel, reporting a net profit of KD7.1 million (US$23.4m) for the year – up 126.8% from the previous year.

The earnings were supported by an increase of 48.2% in the number of passengers flown, which reached 1.0 million, while load factors increased by 3.9% to 66.8% and yield increased by 28.6% to KD73.9. Operating revenue for 2021 stood at KD80.4 million (US$265.3m), up 94.3%, and operating profit increased by 152.2% to KD10.8 million (US$35.6m). Jazeera maintained the positive performance in the last quarter (Q4) of the year with a net profit of KD7.0 million (US$23.1m) – a 164.6% increase from the same quarter of 2020. Operating revenue increased by 285.5% to KD33.1 million (US$109.23m) while operating profit increased by 204.3% to KD9.3 million (US$30.69m). (£1.00 = KD0.41 at time of publication.)

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