Avionica obtains FAA STC approval for new high-performance LTE cell module

Avionica, one of the leading providers of connected aircraft solutions for powering secure data and communications, has obtained a new FAA Supplement Type Certification (STC) approval. This STC approval covers its new avCM LTE wireless high-performance LTE cell module. The avCM LTE provides state-of-the-art support. When the LTE avCM is paired with an Avionica miniQAR (Quick Access Recorder) or avRDC MAX (Remote Data Concentrator), the Avionica avCM LTE seamlessly transfers recorded aircraft data from the aircraft automatically to aircraft operators within minutes after landing.

Additionally, the Avionica avCM LTE is faster than its predecessor. It is capable of transfers speeds up to 600 Mbps downlink and 150 Mbps uplink by utilizing an LTE cellular transceiver. The avCM LTE is approved on almost 400 aircraft models and installs on most aircraft with minimal modifications. When installed with the miniQAR the total weight is less than ten ounces.

This monumental development comes at a critical time in aviation history. With the upcoming 3G Network shut down looming ahead, Avionica has taken proactive measures and released the avCM LTE. This release will provide enhanced support to existing and new customers with wireless flight data transfers in a “post-worldwide 3G network”.

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