Jet Aviation Australia sells five Bell 407GXi helicopters to Nautilus Aviation

Nautilus Aviation has bought five new Bell 47GXI helicopters from ©Jet Aviation Australia

Jet Aviation Australia has sold five Bell 407GXi helicopters to Nautilus Aviation. As Bell’s independent representative for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, Jet Aviation Australia has also been commissioned to customise the five helicopters. Staggered redelivery will commence in late 2022.

Nautilus Aviation is a privately owned helicopter operator in Australia with a mixed turbine fleet of Bell 206, 206L4, 505, 407 and 412EP helicopters. In 2018, it was the first helicopter operator in Asia Pacific to take delivery of the Bell 505.

Aaron Finn, CEO of Nautilus Aviation, said, “Nautilus Aviation has been operating helicopters for more than 25 years. Based on our helicopter fleet and steadfast commitment to the safety of all passengers and personnel, we have earned and developed a reputation for quality. The Bell 407GXi helicopter has great all-round visibility for tourism and we appreciate Bell’s outstanding customer service. After careful consideration of our operational requirements and a commitment to further reduce our environmental footprint, I am confident these new fleet additions will enhance our reputation and position us for growth as the Australian economy continues its recovery from the pandemic.”

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