DC Aviation completes ten-year check on Global 5000

DC Aviation’s maintenance centre at Stuttgart Airport has successfully completed a ten-year check on a Global 5000 aircraft, including an avionics and internet upgrade as well as cabin refurbishment.

The extensive maintenance work included a general overhaul of the nose and main landing gear, including installation and removal. The airframe and flap fairings were partially painted for sustained protection against environmental influences. The idle period was also used for an overhaul of the aircraft cabin.

In addition to the structural work, an avionics upgrade was performed in accordance with the latest standard. By using iPad Tablet Solutions for the electronic flight bag, constantly updated data (such as flight altitude) can be accessed using iPads. The cabin of the Global 5000 was also equipped with the KU-LuxStream ultra-high-speed internet service that enables data transmission of 15 Mbit/s worldwide, and even 25 Mbit/s in North American as far as Hawaii. The best communication and entertainment options for customers will be ensured in the future through the installation of three MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antennae and new iPads as well as Apple TVs and Mac minis with a PLEX Home Theater server.

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