Turkish Technic posts 2021 financial results

©Turkish Technic

Turkish Technic, the MRO provider with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, has released its financial results for 2021 which marked a successful growth and strong strategic acceleration compared to the previous year. The company recorded a 15.7% growth compared to 2020 with US$1.034 billion (£783 million) in revenue and increased its market share to 1.6%.

Showing its effect starting from 2020 at a global scale and bringing aviation sector to an almost complete halt, the COVID pandemic also affected Turkish Technic negatively just like others in aviation-related sectors. Yet, by quickly overcoming this negative effect and showing a successful performance, Turkish Technic received base maintenance authorisation for C/D Hangars of Istanbul Airport. Performing base maintenance of a Boeing 787-type aircraft for the first time, the company increased its number of landing gear maintenance by 40% and enhanced its landing gear maintenance repair capabilities.

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