GA Telesis names Maylin Salgado, Vice President of ESG & Global Quality Systems

GA Telesis (GAT) has promoted Maylin Salgado to the role of Vice President of ESG and Global Quality Systems. In continuing its focus towards a better future and long-term sustainability, GA Telesis strategically emphasises its ESG initiatives with a simple view of making the world a better place for all its inhabitants.

The company is no stranger to ESG and has led the way, in its sector, with many of the relevant initiatives necessary for a successful ESG strategy implementation. Salgado’s focus will be to promote sustainability internally and across the global industry.

Salgado will develop, consolidate, operationalise and publicise GA Telesis’ ESG strategies and initiatives through coordination with multiple internal teams and global business unit stakeholders, furthering the company’s ongoing mission of promoting sustainability.

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