Textron Aviation signs purchase agreement for up to 30 Cessna Citation CJ3+ jets with flyExclusive

FlyExclusive has ordered up to 30 Cessna Citation CJ3+ jets from ©Textron Aviation

Plane manufacturer Textron Aviation has confirmed it has signed a purchase agreement for up to 30 of its Cessna Citation CJ3+ light jets with Exclusive Jets, operating as flyExclusive, the Part 135 owner/operator of private jet experiences.

flyExclusive anticipates taking delivery of five of the jets in 2023 and optional jets will be delivered through 2025. This latest purchase continues flyExclusive’s role as one of the world’s largest owners and operators of Citation jets, currently operating a combined fleet of 85 light, midsize, super-midsize and heavy jets, including Citation X, Citation Sovereign, Citation Excel/ XLS, Citation CJ3 and Citation Encore aircraft. flyExclusive is based in Kinston, North Carolina and is the third-largest Part 135 charter operator in the US.

The Citation CJ3+ has a range of up to 2,040 nautical miles so is well suited for the light jet market segment and can fly single-pilot and up to four passengers nonstop from Washington, DC to Monterrey, Mexico, Sao Paulo to Santiago, London to Athens, or Shanghai to Tokyo. Designed to provide the most efficient flight profile by minimising fuel costs and environmental impact, the Citation CJ3+ burns, on average, 10% less fuel and costs 5% less in maintenance per flight hour versus other aircraft in the light jet segment.

“This expansion launches flyExclusive into the fractional space. We are committed to redefining the private flying experience, providing the full suite of products for our customers, all delivering consistent, reliable and world-class service,” said Jim Segrave, Chairman and Founder, flyExclusive.

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