Air France-KLM finalises A350F order with Airbus

Air France KLM has finalised an order for four A350Fs with ©Airbus

Air France-KLM has finalised its order with Airbus for four new-generation A350F freighters, following the earlier commitment announced in December 2021. The freighters are destined to increase Air France’s cargo capacity with the most efficient and sustainable cargo aircraft available in the market. 

The A350F is based on the modern, long-range A350 aircraft and will feature a large main deck cargo door and a fuselage length optimised for cargo operations. Over 70% of the airframe is made of advanced materials resulting in a 30 tonnes lighter take-off weight, which together with efficient Rolls-Royce engines generate an advantage of at least 20% lower fuel burn and CO2 over its current closest competitor. With a 109-tonnes payload capability the A350F serves all cargo markets (express, general cargo, special cargo…), is in the large freighter category and is the only new-generation freighter aircraft ready for the enhanced ICAO CO₂ emissions standards.

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