Largest U.S. operator of HondaJets first to install SmartSky LiTE

HondaJet in Jet It livery ©SmartSky Networks

SmartSky Networks, the innovative air-to-ground (ATG) inflight connectivity provider, has announced that Jet It, the North Carolina-based private aviation operator, is selecting SmartSky’s inflight connectivity service for its fleet of private jets. Jet It will be the first operator to install and use SmartSky’s LiTE configuration designed specifically for light jet and turboprop aircraft.

The LiTE configuration extends SmartSky’s patented air-to-ground (ATG) network technology to smaller business jets where connectivity options with sustained, multi-gigabyte-per-hour performance has previously not been available. SmartSky’s system delivers dependable, responsive, and secure connectivity for high-bandwidth applications and real-time data transfer to and from the aircraft for everything from video calling and live streaming to operational flight data that improves efficiency.

SmartSky’s network is live, and its flagship hardware system is available now with supplemental type certificates (STCs) for many popular business jets. An STC for the HondaJet and installation of SmartSky LiTE on Jet It’s fleet is expected this summer.

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