AvAir and Lufthansa Technik double down on aftermarket sales agreement

©LHT and AvAir sign addendum to long-term aftermarket sales agreement

AvAir, the inventory solutions provider for the aviation aftermarket and Lufthansa Technik have signed an addendum to their long-term aftermarket sales agreement. This addendum includes a second large material takeover. The initial agreement between the two companies was reached in 2020, in which AvAir took over 9,000-line items from Lufthansa Technik’s worldwide material pools. The Arizona-based company has now acquired an additional 9,000 aircraft components.

This time, the agreement also includes as removed and unserviceable units in addition to serviceable and overhauled items. The agreement implies that Lufthansa Technik receives a share of the proceeds from resold components under a profit share agreement. The material is considered overstock and the majority of the parts come directly from the Lufthansa Technik material pool and aircraft teardowns. The sale significantly contributes to the optimisation of inventory at Lufthansa Technik’s warehouses in Germany. Delivery of the components will commence immediately to AvAir facilities in Ireland and Chandler, Arizona, in the United States. Despite this major logistical endeavour for teams of Lufthansa Technik on both continents, the complete transfer of material is expected to be completed in the next 90 days.

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